Steve Skelton

The American illustrator and cartoonist Steve Skelton began drawing caricatures already at the age of 16. After graduating from the University of Kansas, Steve has been working five years for Hallmark Cards. As a freelance artist Steve specialised in scurrile and funny motives and has been working for well-known brands such as Hasbro, Fisher-Price, Levi Strauss and McDonalds. In his works Steve pictures different themes, which could either come directly from our daily routines or from distant worlds of fantasy. From time to time some pictures may seem a little chaotic – due to them showing a variety of details, caricatures und even single stories –, but as a whole make up an impressive piece of art. Steve’s colourful creations are not only appealing to kids, but also adults feel addresses, as they reach out to the child in each and everyone of us.

Motive Getting away from it all
Motive Moving Parts
Motive Space Colony
Motive If Sixes werer Nines

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