Steve Sundram

Already at a young age – just able to hold a pen – Steve Sundram showed an astonishing artistic talent. This gift and his closeness to nature helped him in reaching creative success and formed the ground on which he has built his career as an internationally successful artist and designer and his still growing portfolio. In 1979 Steve Sundram travelled starting from his home country Australia around the world to, on one hand learn as much as possible about many different wildlife animals, animals of the sea, as well as cultures, and on the other hand to draw and paint at every station of his tour. In 1990 he settled on Hawaii, to dedicate himself as a painter to the variety of nature, which he had experienced all over the planet. Since then, he was able to establish himself as one of the world’s leading environmental artists. His latest picture series “Mania” is the result of his passion for fantastic and individual picture-worlds, which so many puzzlers around the world are excited about.

Motive Story Mania
Motive Beach Mania
Motive Chef Mania
Motive Music Mania
Motive Cat Mania

Motive Dog Crazy
Motive Asian Wildlife
Motive Forest Animals
Motive Moonlit Wildlife
Motive African Wildlife

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