Forest of Lights

Anna Oppolzer und Stefan Kloß

Children’s games

Darkness has fallen upon the Forest of Lights because the evil Griswald has stolen the dwarves’ treasure. This is not any old treasure; it is something very special because only this treasure can bring light to the forest. On his escape, Griswald hid the treasures in the forest and put them under a foggy spell: Only when the treasures are brought back in the right order, will the spell be broken and light return to the forest. Ethelred the Seventh, King of the Dwarves, has sent you off to find the individual treasures and bring them back to the king. Because your magic lights make the treasures visible. He will be very grateful.


Product information
age 5 and up 2 from 4 players 20 min. 29.5 x 29.5 x 7 cm

Game instructions
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Article number: 40888