New Eden

Benjamin Schwer

Family games

Planet Earth in the year 2442. The sea level has risen to an incredible height. The vast ocean now covers the earth’s surface entirely. The mountain slopes of yesterday now form the coastlines. In view of these drastic changes, the nations of the world have come together to help ensure the survival of humanity. Mankind is not only turning to farawayplanets to look for new living space, but also to the depths of the oceans whereunexplored territory is just waiting to be populated. Your job is to establish a deep seastation within just three years that is livable, safe and self-sustaining. Whoever mastersthis challenge the best will go down in history for saving humanity. Think carefully aboutwhat you purchase, because anything you reject will be auctioned off to the highestbidder, who might just be your competition. Now it’s your job to pick up the pieces ofcivilization and create a New Eden!


Product information
age 10 and up 1 from 4 players 45 from 60 min. 29.5 x 29.5 x 7.3 cm

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