Wolfgang Riedl

Family games

Beware! Don't overload! All players try to carry as many discs as possible into the goal in multiple rounds. Everyone can choose how many discs they start out with before playing. But beware! Do not risk too much, since extra discs will be added on the way. Every time a player moves past another, the piece that is overtaken will gain a new disc. Soon there'll be quite a collection. That is good on the one hand, since they are worth points. On the other hand, a game piece that is overloaded is out and has to start over. Some players really try to give you too much … It's a great, tactical race with few rules but a great twist to ensure a truly exiting match. OVERLOAD is quickly explained but will inspire many exciting rounds of play!


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age 8 and up 3 from 5 players 30 min. 19.00 x 27.50 x 6.70 cm

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