Quacks & Co. Quedlinburg Dash!

Wolfgang Warsch

Children’s games

Every year, the day before the market, the children compete in the big race and this year you will be joining in! Play with Quacks the donkey and friends, where you're working to move the animals along the track by feeding them. But, this is no normal food, it doesn’t always help your four-legged friends move very far forward! You’ll need to find the correct combination of food to be as fast as possible. Sometimes a ‘dream weed’ finds its way into your bag, and your animals will take a little nap instead. Collect rubies as you go, which can be used to buy more supplies! Race your way to the finish line to win the coveted golden cauldron.


Product information
age 6 and up 2 from 4 players 25 min. 29.5 x 29.5 x 7.3 cm

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