Stacking pair

The balls can be placed on top of each other almost by magic, but with no witchcraft involved. Small fans of stacking are free to decide how to assemble the colourful balls alternating with natural wood rings. This allows them to make new towers, large or small, again and again, and at the top of the towers they can put the final touch to the comical pair by adding their heads: the „little king“ with his soft felt crown, and the „happy bear“ with his soft felt ears. Milled grooves on the balls make stacking easier, which makes the game great fun even for the littlest ones. There are lots of new things to discover and talk about when the two friends tumble noisily around or grow up to the sky. Different levels of difficulty allow individual creations and playfully train the fine motor skills.


Product information
18 from 72 months 11.50 x 8.50 x 8.50 cm

Article number: 62063