The twisted haunted Night

Wolfgang Dirscherl und Wolfgang Lehmann

Children’s games

The three magicians stand in amazement in front of the huge gates of the old castle, which have just opened as if by magic. “Shall we dare to go in and see if this place is really haunted?” Conrad asks a little frightened. “Yes, together as a team we can do it!” answer Vicky and Mila in unison. But again the gates are creaking ... Will the three of them be able to explore the ancient rooms and find their way out in time before the haunted castle closes its gates again until the next full moon? For one thing is certain: If ghosts are really up to mischief here, they will do anything to stop our three curious magicians!


Product information
age 5 and up 1 from 4 players 20 min. 29.5 x 29.5 x 7 cm

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