The Viking Saga

Christian Fiore & Knut Happel

Games for adults

Off to Valhalla! The Viking Saga offers a variety of adventures. The basic game with its simple game rules comes with some additional game material in later adventures. You will start the game with a small band of Vikings. Successful adventures will provide you with gold to hire some more helpful Vikings. In short: new Vikings keep coming into play and you can use their abilities to get rewards and avoid danger. This is also necessary because the adventures are becoming more and more demanding as the game continues. Gold is good, but the only thing crucial for the game that really matters in Walhalla is glory. The game has a modular structure. Each game’s adventure takes place in a different landscape that is always put together anew. There are special Vikings for each landscape (a total of 27 different types) and each game plays differently. Hurry up! Grab your helmet and swing your axe! Let the adventure begin!


Product information
age 12 and up 2 from 4 players 60 min. 29.5 x 29.5 x 7.3 cm

Game instructions

Article number: 49369

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