Fun-to-play for young and old, tall and small!

If it comes from Schmidt Spiele and the name Schmidt Spiele is on the box, one thing is guaranteed to be inside: fun-to-play for young and old, tall and small. That holds true for the whole range of products – including exciting games for the whole family, fun educational games for children, sophisticated strategy games, merry card games, and tricky puzzles with popular themes.

All we ever think about is fun and games!

The market for games and toys depends like no other on new products. That’s why all we ever think about at Schmidt Spiele is fun and games.

All we ever think about is fun and games!

Our product development team in particular has nothing but fun and games on their minds, because they are busy “tinkering” on a variety of new products all year round.

Not all alone in private, mind you. They join forces with game developers, authors, editors, graphic designers, teachers, psychologists and players – including renowned figures and newcomers alike. The good results of this great teamwork are presented every year at the trade fairs. Schmidt Spiele has over 800 products in its range. Many of these are classics, such as Mensch ärgere Dich nicht®, Kniffel® or Ligretto®. On average, over 150 new products are presented at the trade fairs every year. For retail toy stores ranging from the small office supply shop on the corner to the well-stocked specialty store downtown, to the large shopping mall and the virtual shelves on the internet, Schmidt Spiele always has a good answer. And just the right games. As a full-range supplier, Schmidt Spiele GmbH – managed by Axel Kaldenhoven and Martina Priemer – has developed into a permanent and reliable player in the German game industry. A position that also requires a great deal of responsibility in its partnerships, which Schmidt Spiele has long fulfilled.

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Continual growth in a tight
market doesn’t come easy

There are many ways to ensure growth, such as implementing the right business concepts. For example, the carefully crafted CRM programs that vitalize the close alliance with our trade partners and provide the information that keeps the supply chain transparent. Or the development of an ultramodern logistics center run by computers, which is exemplary in the entire game industry. Just-in-time production is not only our motto, it makes 24-hour express deliveries possible. There are so many possibilities when ideas are put into action!